Unlock the Gifts
Hidden Within Your DNA
Live Your Full Potential


Heart 2 Heart transforms lives...
Activates the "God Code" and untapped potential within each of us.
As we explore the amazing truth, love and light, we
powerfully heal diseases, injuries and emotional baggage.
We live fully awakened. This is a high frequency healing & empowerment experience. Living this powerful Heart 2 Heart experience everyday brings "Godwinks" like the angel cloud and light that cannot be contained evidenced by the two pictures that show the pink and green light of the heart.
Unlock and expand your own unique gifts, unload secret burdens you are carrying and live the life you've dreamed.

Physical Healing

*Disease, illness, terminal cases, broken bones, cancer and more...

Emotional Healing

*Abuse, addictions, limiting beliefs and more...

Mental Healing

*Mental challenges, illness and destructive tendencies...

Holistic Healing

*For the last nine years, hundreds - perhaps thousands have experienced Heart 2 Heart sessions. People have reported hundreds of experiences where cancer is gone, illnesses are healed, spiritual gifts are expanded and much, much more...

Heart 2 Heart Ministries

Weddings, Funerals, Celebrations of Life, Counseling and Other Services...

H2H Connections - Wedding Services

Unconditional Love powers this incredible complementary, integrative and alternative healing approach. 



Life Changing

March 2009 041.JPG

Be everything you are uniquely
designed to be!

Bring your training and healing modalities to new levels.

Empower your gifts. 

Expand your horizons.


Spiritual Healing & Awakening

This work transforms and opens avenues of Spiritual Healing that are miraculous. People have ventured into other dimensions, had conversations with the Ascended Masters, Guides, Angels and God. Their spiritual gifts have blossomed as a rose that opens to the beauty and uniqueness of each individual.


Heart 2 Heart Coaching Program provides a path to share, grow and change the world. Come join us for an experience of a lifetime.

If you want to accelerate your spiritual growth, this will definitely provide a clear path for a grand adventure!

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