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Finding God in the most Amazing, Surprising Places...

07/10/2009 10:55 PM | Dr. Vicki High (Administrator)

I recently found myself waiting for a friend in Starbucks. My mind wandered - first business, then personal issues danced across my vision. A giant target was painted on one wall and I contemplated the "empty" hole in the middle. Do holes exist in the middle of everything?

I flashed to Nassim Harmein's work with black holes. He is proving how black holes exist in our micro- and macrocosms. Black holes - chasms of creation - exisst in every breath, every heartbeat, every atom. Actually black holes exist in the center of every planet, star and solar system. My wondering continued as I pondered if this black hole could actually be God? In the awesome omnipresence of God, could this be a glimpse of the Almighty in the mundance and the majestic?

If the black hole is the essence of creation itself, could that be the Holy of Holies that exists in every particle of creation? Could that be the place where Stillness Speaks - the abyss - where everything is possible? I wonder...

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