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A Beautiful Vision for 2010 - What Game Are You Playing?

01/01/2010 11:07 AM | Dr. Vicki High (Administrator)

My friends and mentors, Tina Ferguson and Steve Straus, are great gifts to me. During one of the SBBS - Small Business Big Success - meetings, Steve posed the question, "You are winning the game you're playing, but what game are you playing?"

Now at the beginning of 2010, you are poised to ask and answer, "What game are you winning? He suggests that you know by where you place your energy and your money. If it is important to you, you don't let money stand in your way. You make it happen and the money flows, provided by the Law of Attraction, intention, Spirit - Source.

If you don't know the game you're playing, it's playing you. Others decide the game, the rules and you get swept up in the momentum as an unconscious player.

Now beginning in 2010, I recommend you actively, consciously decide to play the game:

The Game of Life, The Game of No More Excuses, The Game of Dreaming Big Dreams and Living Them, The Game of Matching Emotions, Thoughts, Words and Actions, The Game of Clarity.

It means living your life - your way! Happy New Year - It is time to face the brilliance of your most wonderful creations!

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