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Lines of Light and Power

  • 11/12/2010 2:25 PM
    Message # 461903
    Dr. Vicki High (Administrator)

    As lightworkers, we are called to shine our lights brightly into the world. As we continue to live in love, light and harmony, we continue to fill ourselves up with light - powerful light. In some cases, people have actually filled up and overflowed with light. Instead of a shadow, light rays shine from within the body that can be seen. These are referred to as auras.

    Heart 2 Heart Connections lay the gridwork for the light body and then are charged in the two-day session. As the lines of light become more and more bright, then the body sloughs off and transforms energy, often accelerating the spiritual journey.

    For me, the journey continues to bring new awakenings and enlightenment... May you be blessed by the continuing growth and enlightenment as well!

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