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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Can anyone do this or do you have to be born with the gift?

A. Anyone can do this! We are all born with this ability and we have to recognize – remember – that we have it and spend time getting to know all about it just like a good friend. It is easy to learn and easy to share with others.

Q. How do I know this is something I should do?

A. When we are introduced to this work, it might resonate with us. If you find yourself curious or compelled to know more, then it is probably the right time for you to explore further. Each of us holds the truth in his or her heart. When we learn to listen to the still, small voice and feel led by our hearts, we cannot go wrong. My advice is to explore the truth in your heart. What are you led to do? What feels right for you?

Q. Isn’t this just like any other healing modality?

A. “Healing is healing.” There are a number of healing modalities with different frequencies. In Heart 2 Heart Healing, it is effortless and effective for people who have experienced sessions as well as the practitioner who performs the sessions. People resonate with different modalities. What works for one person may not appeal to another. This healing works on everyone at physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels and has been described by those who experience it as an accelerator in those areas. It has also been described as “soul work.” What is actually happening to the person may not be apparent, but it is happening. Each experience is unique to the individual. People who experience this work are convinced this is like no other experience. You have to determine that for yourself.

Q. What makes this any different than any other program?

A. For years self-help programs, twelve-step programs, counseling programs have helped people cope. Heart 2 Heart Healing actually changed my life and healed the past. As a domestic violence survivor, I was injured and carried that pain for many years mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically. I tried a number of things before I realized with this work, I was healing from the burdens that had been a part of my life for so long. Barriers were being removed and I was leaving baggage behind me. The results were huge. The time spent was actually very minimal. I am grateful that I was led along this path.

Q. How can I learn more about this work?

A. You can read the book, Heart 2 Heart Connections. You also can attend the workshops based on the book. Practitioners are another source of information about this life changing work. You can call the office and talk to a practitioner for more information.

Q. As a practitioner, how will I build my practice?

A. You will be given tools to build your practice during the seminars and coaching support after the seminar. The whole program is designed to be affordable and still allow practitioners to live well and abundantly.

Q. How can I find a practitioner in my area?

A. Heart 2 Heart Practitioners are located in the website directory. Call the office for a referral or look for a practitioner in the online directory.

Q. There are some really new ideas presented in the book, Heart 2 Heart Connections. How can I get over my skepticism?

A. Naturally there is skepticism when something new is presented. The book relates experiences that will create questions for people to search for answers. When I read the book again, I am amazed because it continues to provide profound truths that astound me and it actually happened to me! Some people will always doubt. Others will agree because they feel the truth of it in their hearts. In a session just this weekend, there was another spoken message that said, "Your book will fill the void in many people's hearts." WOW!

Q. Will this really make a difference in how people live?

A. There are many people who are looking for a different approach to life. There will be a few surprises for people in the book, but there will be a lot of people who are able to experience living differently because of what is included. That is what keeps me going – helping people change the way they live and love.

Q. How can I buy the book?

A. You can purchase the book, Heart 2 Heart Connections, through the website or you can order it through Barnes & Noble or Amazon.com. You can also place a phone order to the office. It makes a great present for friends and family.  It may be one of the best presents they will ever receive.

Q. Is there a special group of people who would benefit more than others?

A. People from every walk of life will benefit from experiencing these programs. Survivors of domestic violence who are so injured from life experiences respond very well to this approach as well as anyone who has ever experienced emotional injuries. People who want to awaken on their spiritual journey or those who face great challenges in life will respond to this program. It is simple, but effective.

Q. How can I find out where and when there is a specific seminar near me or how I could host an event?

A. Check the website or call the office for the latest information in the seminar schedule or speaking engagements.

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