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Heart 2 Heart Healing

Physical Healing – People have reported healing from cancer, hepatitis C, broken bones, carpal tunnel syndrome, birth defects, pain management, infections, diseases and more… Love (God) transforms people from the inside, out.

Emotional Healing – People have secrets of emotional injuries that they carry with them, wounds that have been inflicted throughout their lives. These manifest in addictions and other behaviors because of how they see themselves. Love renews and heals all the holes made in the heart and restores that individual to wellness.

Mental Healing – People have grown to rely on their mind, because their hearts have been so broken and bruised. The mind, the ego, usually works from a place of fear. When the mind works as a tool to implement creative ideas born from the heart, the results are astounding. This healing allows the release of old habits and paradigms that allow you to change your life with Love.

Spiritual Healing – People have forgotten how precious and special they are. They are Divine Creations of Love (God). This work enables them to touch the miracles of the Divine, receive communications from beyond this planet and know how connected we are to the Universe.

Heart 2 Heart Services

h2h.jpgHealing Sessions:

Heart 2 Heart Healing Session
45-minute session with feedback.

30-minute session with feedback.

Heart 2 Heart Connection Session $333
Two day process for approx. 1 hour each day plus feedback. An “acceleration process” for enlightenment and healing.

h2h.jpgCounseling Sessions:

Heart 2 Heart Counseling Session 

This session is based on a flexible hourly rate.


Heart 2 Heart Healing Workshop $444    
This 2 day workshop prepares you with exercises to build confidence in providing Heart 2 Heart Healing sessions as a Heart 2 Heart Healing Practitioner. A certificate of completion and training manual are provided. 

Heart 2 Heart Connection Workshop $555
To attend this workshop, you must have had your own personal Heart 2 Heart Connection with a Heart 2 Heart Connections practitioner. This 2 day workshop prepares you to become a H2H Connections Practitioner. A certificate of completion and training manual are provided.

To schedule an appointment please contact Dr. Vicki High using the Contact Us form.

Or, choose a practitioner with whom you resonate from our Practitioner Listings.

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