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Every workshop and healing experience brings new information to this work. There are no words that can fully describe the awesome wonder of what happens when people transform and heal their lives. It sounds incredible and it truly is... I have been so privileged to observe, witness and then grow from the unique and amazing experiences that are a part of these Heart 2 Heart Programs since 2002. Experience miracles for yourself today! Learn how to use this incredible force daily to enhance your life!

Love and light,

Dr.Vicki L. High

What would you do?

In 2000, Vicki L. High experienced a defining, life-changing moment. What would you do if Jesus stood next to you, took your hand, looked deeply into your eyes and spoke directly to you? Would you listen intently to the words that would change your life forever? Would you deny the possibility that what was happening was real? Would your life change? Would the possibilities of what can happen be expanded beyond your wildest imagination? I listened. Then Jesus said, “You are loved. You are special. You are in my care.” He had my full and complete attention! I felt his hand on my arm. I saw his beautiful eyes and I felt the love he has for me. Nothing in my life has been the same since then.

Dr. Vicki L. High founded Heart 2 Heart Healing after a series of life changing events. Always the adventurer, she embarked into new territory with her pioneering spirit. She owned businesses, created award-winning marketing projects and even served as mayor of her community. When she encountered a world of new spiritual frontiers, her journey was underway. Though she completed programs as both a Reiki Master Teacher and practitioner in Reconnective Healing™and The Reconnection™, she experienced spiritual connections beyond what she learned in these other healing practices. She discovered incredible insights into spiritual truths where her love of books and her eye-witness experiences merged to bring her to new levels of understanding. From the beginning, her work seemed familiar to her. She continues to add to her knowledge with each healing session, message and workshop. Those experiences enhance the understanding and instruction. Heart 2 Heart is a natural method of healing and spiritual acceleration, powered from Unconditional Love, the greatest force in the world. In 2010, she completed her studies with the University of Sedona and received a Doctoral Degree in Metaphysical Counseling and Ministry, utilizing Heart 2 Heart in all areas of her life. 

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