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Heart 2 Heart Connections: Miracles All Around Us

by Vicki L. High

h2hbook.jpgHeart 2 Heart Healing is based on the experiences and intuitive guidance of Dr. Vicki L. High. Read more about this amazing healing experience in her book, Heart 2 Heart Connections: Miracles All Around Us.

Read about her clients as they shared their experiences and broadened her understanding. Examine the insights and miracles that came to her as she balanced being Mayor of Crandall,  Texas, and a healing practitioner, touching the Divine.

The book is available through this website and  through Amazon.com, Barnes and Noble, and other book stores.

Find out more about Vicki L. High!

Announcing the release of When I Rise, I Thrive in January 2019, Dr. Vicki L. High contributes along with 70 authors sharing their stories of pain, survival and strength. As they overcome the challenges, they use the obstacles as stepping stones into a brighter future. Available in eBook or paperback. 



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