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What People are Saying about Heart 2 Heart

    ~“Thank you for what strength, clarity & love you have instilled in me. I was strong, but somehow I have become heart-strong!” “I find myself teaching others – or just telling others what I learned all the time. At dinner tonight, I spoke to two couples about what I learned. By the end of the dinner, one of the men repeated it to me and everyone there. It is spreading to others and it does work!”  - Registered Nurse

~“I can usually write only a half page before the pain becomes excruciating. I usually cannot read what I wrote. Today I wrote six pages before I even realized my hand did not hurt, and you can read every word of it. Thank you.” - Chiropractor

~“What you are doing is God’s work, soul work.”  - Ph. D,. Statistics

~“As a domestic violence offender, I look at things differently than I did. I guess I never thought of it the way you shared with me. Thank you.” – Domestic Violence Offender

~“This has completely changed my life. Since the classes this summer, we live completely differently.” - Family Graduated from Living Heart 2 Heart

     ~“I didn’t believe you at first. I have come to understand that I really can change the way I live. I just have to “love people through it” and figure out what I want out of life.” – Massage Therapist & Reflexologist

~“I had no idea how something that happened when I was two years old had affected me my whole life. I didn’t remember, but I guess I kept it inside all these years.” – Retired Meat Processor

 ~“I slept through the night. My joint pain was gone and so was the Restless Leg Syndrome. The only thing I did differently was the healing session. Thank you.” – An Elected Official and Cancer Survivor

~“This Heart 2 Heart Connection is a spiritual accelerator. Everything speeded up in my life and things not needed anymore were sloughed off. It is amazing.” – Business Owner

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