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Heart 2 Heart Workshops
Heart 2 Heart Healing workshops and seminars are designed to:
  • Educate, Inform, Enlighten and Help you Discover your Potential
  • Help you Recognize and Amplify your Healing Skills
  • Provide the opportunity to experience Heart 2 Heart as both client and practitioner
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h2h.jpgHeart 2 Heart Healing Practitioners' Workshop

This 2 day workshop teaches how to tap into the extraordinary healing gifts within each of us. It is so powerful, yet simple to learn. This workshop is designed to practice working with this energy so that your confidence grows. Use Heart 2 Heart Healing to heal yourself and others, in person or with distance healing. Listen to your inner guidance and see if this resonates with you. Miracles happen all the time and this might be the day for yours to manifest.

  • Learn how to access the healing gift that is in each of us
  • Tap in to the incredibly powerful, yet simple way to transform lives using universal laws including the law of attraction
  • Understand how physical, mental, emotional and spiritual illnesses and injuries are relieved using H2H Healing with local, distance and situational healing treatments while amplifying your own unique spiritual gifts
  • Be immersed in this H2H Healing for 2 days, learning both as client and practitioner
  • Join the clients who have experienced Sacred Heart Activation and enhanced their own healing modalites


h2h.jpgMini-Me Exercises and Draining Relationship Exercises

These healing exercises help people realize the importance of living authentically, designing your dream life and owning your own personal power. The exercises in this course are unique and simple, yet incredibly effective in helping people overcome emotional injuries. This class helps heal all aspects or "Mini-Mes"  that keep people from living fully. When people liberate themselves, they can really begin to live and communicate more effectively in every area of their lives.

h2h.jpgHeart 2 Heart for Kids

Heart 2 Heart for Kids is so easy and so powerful for kids to explore their spiritual gifts. This class supports the discovery and exploration of healing gifts and touches on inner vision, hearing, feeling and knowing. Heart 2 Heart for Kids helps kids have fun while learning how to tap into this energy. Each child will receive a mini-book that helps them know more about their own gifts, their own healing abilities and their own stress reduction techniques for the crazy world we live in.

  • Learn how to access the healing gift that is in each of us
  • Understand how kids are coming into the world with their own unique spiritual gifts and how they can learn more about them in this workshop
  • Use this H2H Healing energy to help kids heal and reduce stress
  • Begin living more confidently by accessing Heart 2 Heart Healing energy
  • Understand how fun it is to introduce these beautiful children to an incredible connections with God Source energy
  • Begin to see these children blossom, grow and gain confidence as they become more aware of miracles that change their lives.

h2h.jpgHeart 2 Heart Connections Practitioners' Workshop

Heart 2 Heart Connections workshop takes the information learned in the Heart 2 Heart Healing seminar and expands that knowledge. This seminar explains the intricate steps to providing personal Heart 2 Heart Connections for others. During the course, you will learn how to perform the steps of the Heart 2 Heart Connection. People report that their Heart 2 Heart Connection has accelerated all areas of their lives - physical healing, mental acuity, emotional health as well as propelling them forward on their spiritual journey.

To attend this workshop, you must have had your own personal Heart 2 Heart Connection with an H2H Connections practitioner.

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